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I write full-time for SparkNotes, but I’ve also written for Uloop, CollegeHumor, Barnes & Noble, Barnes & Noble Teen, BuzzFeed, Romper, McSweeney's, Visitors Media, TentCraft, and Gemba Marketing.

If you’re interested, here's some of my best stuff:
Literary Relationship Statuses They Should Definitely Have on Facebook
How to Tell if You’re Dating a Plot Device
If Hogwarts Had the Internet
Shakespeare Plays Summed Up in Pie Charts
Every Book in the History of Literature Summed Up in a Single Sentence
How to Tell If a Guy Likes You (According to Classic Literature)
10 Fictional Problems That Could Have Been Solved with a Text Message
Shakespeare Quotes for When Your Relatives Ask What You're Doing With Your Life
Series: If Fictional Characters Could Text
Series: Shakespeare Out of Context
The 7 Best Times Men Were Terrified of Women in Classic Literature
The 25 Worst Ways to Start Your College Essay
30 Ways to End Your Essay Without Saying "In Conclusion"
Series: Blogging The Great Gatsby
Series: Blogging Lord of the Flies
Series: Blogging The Odyssey
Series: Blogging Hamlet
The 10 Worst Words in the English Language
The Definitive Ranking of Voldemort’s Biggest Regrets
If Hogwarts Had RateMyProfessors.com
If Fictional Characters Had Tinder
If the Greek Gods Had Tinder
Shakespeare Characters That Would Make Way Better Couples
Here’s My Problem with YA Literature
Snapchats from Every Literary Movement
Snapchats from Greek Mythology
A Definitive Ranking of Who Was Responsible for Romeo and Juliet's Deaths
The 9 Worst Patronuses and What They Say About You As a Person
8 Fictional Couples I Will Never Root For and You Can't Make Me
A Much More Accurate Hogwarts Letter
Everything I Know About Dating, I Learned from The Great Gatsby
Shakespeare Quotes to Describe the Year 2016
Shakespeare Quotes That Sum Up the Year 2017
Everything High School Movies Lied To Me About
Better Names for All the Poems You'll Have to Read in English Class

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