I work remotely. I don’t go into an office every day, which is nice, mostly because I’m not cut out for it. (I used to work in an office where my skills involved not knowing how the coffee machine worked and having my car alarm go off twice a day, usually during important meetings.)

But people often wonder what my day-to-day looks like, so I thought I’d give you a little breakdown of my schedule.

6:10 AM: Wake up because the pipes in my apartment building occasionally do this thing where they sound like someone is trapped in the walls and trying to smash their way out with a hammer.

6:10 AM — 7:30 AM: Lie in bed switching between apps on my phone. Realize that I am just whiling away my time before the grave.

7:30 AM — 8:00 AM: Eat breakfast. Usually waffles.

8:00 AM — 8:45 AM: Get dressed. This typically involves taking all the clothes out of my closet, throwing them on the floor, and asking myself out loud “Why don’t I own ANY CLOTHES” before deciding on the same sweatshirt-and-jeans combo I wear every day.

8:45 AM — 1:00 PM: Get to work. Sometimes I go to a coffee shop or library, other times I stay home and try to avoid eating too many snacks. I write, do research, and answer emails. People then respond to these emails, perpetuating an eternal cycle, and I am forced to go lie down for a few minutes to collect myself.

1:15 PM: Eat lunch. Most of the time I go to Subway where the guy invariably asks me if I want “the usual,” to which I say yes, and then we’re both disappointed in my unwillingness to try new things.

1:45 PM — 5:00 PM: I go back to work. It’s hard to say exactly what I’m doing at this juncture. Sometimes I’m writing copy, sometimes I’m reading Hamlet for the twelfth time, sometimes I’m Photoshopping Voldemort’s head onto Brad Pitt’s body. You just never know.

5:00 PM — 6:00 PM: I go for a jog, or I put on my workout clothes and watch episodes of Catfish until it's too late to exercise.

6:00 PM — 7:30 PM: Dinner happens. I might be going out with friends, but more often than not I’m eating leftover pasta and perfecting the ever-present butt dent in my couch.

7:30 PM — 10:00 PM: I have no idea what I do during this time, which is alarming. This is two and a half hours I can’t account for. Am I watching YouTube videos of hamsters running mazes? Am I reading comments on my articles and drinking wine? Am I going on Amazon and putting things in my cart knowing full and damn well I can’t afford them? Who's to say?

10:00 PM: I go to bed.

Approximately 1:00 AM, maybe 3:45: I fall asleep.


  1. I need my silk. I never met you. In my impressive lifetime you will close a hole that disappeared. The candles are pretty. You eat.

  2. Your turn of phrase never ceases to amuse and entertain me :)

  3. What...huh! Damned girl get a boyfirend. Try my life: Up at 1:00 a.m. or 2, sometimes three, if it is four I just stay up, but I am usually groggy, fix coffee go and attempt to read--East of Eden now or is it west of eden. Sometimes I attempt to go back to bed which usually fails and by noon time I am screwed.
    I read some then get back into drawing, I specialize in pencil. Few hours working on copy work to get warmed up. Go an play my guitar for awhile then loaf around usually watching re-run t.v. programs, back to drawing or the guitar. Meals are interspersed, no particular time. Watch t.v. while I am drawing and or working on clay anatomical parts. Spend a lot of time on this only to smash them up and try again, and again, and again. Why I do this I know why.
    Well, that is a vague account of my day. I am 73 so what can you expect, more of the same.

  4. That's it? No more? Talk witty to me. More blog entries please!

  5. what happens in act 3 of hamlet #help

  6. An impressive and creative lifestyle. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  7. I'm in love with you Courtney Gorter! Please let me rescue you from You Tube for an hour!

  8. Please post more! I love you.

  9. 10:00 PM: I go to bed.

    Approximately 1:00 AM, maybe 3:45: I fall asleep.

  10. your a stupid moron that doesnt know a good person if if that person bit u in the ass

  11. hey! your writing style is extremely cool and I also think you're a lowkey badass which is cool too.

  12. i find your reflexive writing style quite annoying. the artificially analytical tone you use is boring


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